Assessment Management System

This system is a comprehensive platform designed to support a broad range of district assessment needs. The analysis and application of formative assessment data as part of a continuous improvement model is a powerful way to improve individual or an organization’s achievement. In order to realize the highest impact, it is imperative that formative assessment data to be timely and easily accessible. Our system provides data in real time through reports designed by educators, for educators.
Basically, it manages and oversees the development, administration, scoring, and analysis of any type of assessment program. The system performs a comprehensive process analysis and requirements gathering exercise within an organization.
◯ Perform personality assessments of job candidates and evaluate their natural propensity to leadership skills, resourcefulness,  communication, and other soft skills.
◯ Identify a potential leader in an existing team or in a new team being formed.
◯ Identify individuals with the highest potential for professional growth or highest potential for successfully taking new responsibilities and  identify succession candidates.
◯ Immediately evaluate an effect of adding, replacing, removing or moving an individual from one team to another.
◯ Understand how to establish effective collaboration and productive work relationship within a team.
◯ Establish effective work relationship with your team, understand and effectively resolve conflicts at the workplace and increase job satisfaction, help your staff leverage their natural gifts and succeed in the workplace.